Dear athletes, welcome to Tallinn!

It is a great pleasure to welcome young athletes to our capital.

The year 2021 was very gratifying for Estonian sports – a record 191 medals were won in all sports at international title competitions. I would like to highlight our women’s epee team who won the Olympic gold. The Olympic victory undoubtedly increased the popularity of fencing.

The U23 European Championships taking place in Tallinn are the first title competition the organisation of which has been entrusted to the Estonian Fencing Association. I believe that this challenge will be successfully met and Estonia will be able to host other major fencing competitions in the future.

I wish for precise attacks and sporting momentum and hope that the tournament will be an enjoyable fencing party for the participating athletes, their teams and the audience.




Dear members of the fencing community!

Tallinn is very honoured to be hosting the U23 European Fencing Championships for the first time. We value sports, contribute to its development and take great pride in hosting various international

sports events. In recent years, Tallinn has organised several European and World Championships and I am thrilled that we are now able to host the U23 European Fencing Championships.

I would like to thank the European Fencing Confederation for the confidence, and the Estonian Fencing Association for organising the championships. Fencing is one of the flagship sports both in Estonia and in Tallinn. The Estonian Fencing Association has been organising the Sword of Tallinn tournament here since 1971, and as part of the tournament, the Women's Fencing World Cup has also taken place. My hope is that the list of fencing championships in Tallinn will be extended in the future.

In addition to experience in organising top level competitions, we can also be proud of the medals won by Estonian athletes in various

championships – the most glaring of which is the Olympic gold medal won by the Estonian women's épée team last summer.

I trust that these championships will be a memorable event, providing excellent duels and great excitement. I wish the best of luck to all competitors and coaches and urge you to visit our beautiful old town. You are always welcome back in Tallinn.



Dear athletes, coaches, volunteers!

The U23 European Championships in Estonia is a new important moment in European fencing as the European Championships are taking place in Estonia for the first time. The history of Estonian fencing is long, dating back to 1632 when the position of a fencing master

was established at the university immediately after the foundation of University of Tartu and teaching of fencing began.

The history of Estonian fencing competitions begins in the beginning of the twentieth century when the first fencing clubs were established and the first competitions took place. Throughout history, fencing has been one of the most successful sports in Estonia, bringing home numerous medals both from European and world championships for both youth, junior and adult athletes. The women’s epee team’s gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics Games last year is undoubtedly the height of everything.

We are living in difficult times where we have to take into account many factors outside sport, but I hope that we can forget everything else on the fencing strip and dedicate ourselves only to fencing. Not everyone wins these days, but you can all experience competitions, which will benefit you in other competitions in the future. I am sure that there are future European champions, world champions and Olympic winners among the participants of this competition! 


I wish everyone happy competition and let the best win!